Reverend Robert's Channeling :


01 17 2020 

4:44 am 

Bless all those 

Bless all those who come before you in your daily living. 

In what you do, be of service to those who you meet, be of good cheer to lift ones whose lives are unsure or ardently in need of uplifting.


Meet the eyes of the person with loving eyes and eyes of peace and understanding. 

May your heart be open and loving with a radiance of warmth. 

Surround the atmosphere in the Light of Grace to work out anxiety and insecurities and troubles. 

Be the rock upon which the ship rope may be anchored and secured for the tides of life are/run high and low.

Be the word of truth and light to the ears of those who may be seeking their truth. 

Be the example of Grace and thanksgiving for all are to feel welcomed when met with the Grace of Love and heartful thankfulness. 

Wear the strength and beauty of your spirit of God in a way for others to bring forth their own attributes of goodness and realize their own Godliness within them. 

Share in the goodness of Love and Light with all you encounter, and all your days will be filled in/with the Grace of Love in sharing One’s Godliness.   


10 06 19 6 AM 

Be One in Light

When the Earth-bound bulge, what will burst forth?

Will time have collected the knowledge ready to protrude?

Will what comes ripe from the seeds sown be ready for the harvest? 

How far is Humanity ready to step forward from their comfort zone into the unfathomable of space contention / universal rules Principles that will skew their view of what humanity thought was (considered) important. 

Love God Love Yourself Love your Neighbor 

The skewed thinking of Man in general is about ego and the social put down of others to make a higher standing in the eyes of others of how they are able to diminish the light of the other person.

One should raise the light in one and others.

One should share light with one and others. 1 

One should Love self and all others.

Putting down, or enslaving others/or self in any kind or fashion is not of the higher realm of thinking, acting or doing. 

We must all be changed and held up in the light of Love. Justice must prevail in all thoughts, words and deeds. 

Give unto others in all things and all ways/always raise each other up and hold each other up to the light to be the light for all. 

In love and through love should mankind be changed into the light of all light. 

Be of the quality of the One who made you.

Create with the quality with the One who made you.

Be one in Light of Love with Oneness. 

God made you to be his/her presence of Love & Light on Earth. 

You are to be the example for all others. You are to Lead by the example of Light & Love and raise those who are/ or feel less than. You are not to trample the less than to make yourself to look powerful. In this act you become lesser than the less then in the eyes of the true Love the world must come to know. 

Ego and Love do not mix or match. Ego must diminish in the sight where Love and Light shines/prevails. 

Humanity for the world, must come to know the fire of Love and the light of the Universal Oneness.


19 09 28 5:22A.M. 

The Heart opens and blossoms

That the Heart opens and Blossoms to Life…. That is the gift, now see life through the Petals of the Lotus. Each petal, the ability to place love upon it, open it and extend it to the fullest view for this love adds to the picture of the entity and the depth that love springs from and goes out to… the love connection, the love spark, the chords of love that springs forth and connects to all hearts in a group, in the area, one on one, to the Oneness. 

Love…. And Love…. And Love….

It is in the giving that we receive. Reviving and opening up, being vulnerable, living by the giving and give more. Love has deep pockets like a well spring with running water. The quality and the purity of the Love of the Heart must be maintained.  The acceptance of Love and the energies gained to be added to all skills to enhance their qualities. Through the eyes of Love, one will not go wrong. With the eyes of love, the Lord of the Heart sees all things, let love and understanding through the eyes of Love open the Soul into the new World. Feel with the heart first, then let the mind follow the Love Path and let the heart lead your steps. Lead your love in/with the sight of love. The quality of love for all of (God’s) creation comes to life in the eyes of love.

Love is where we came from…. Love is where we go to.

To find and hold the Love in the Heart on the earth plane is the secret to life and the giving in the entrainment process, knowingly or unknowingly is the real gift for your fellow people, brothers and sisters around you. Become aware of where your love emanates, work for purity, un-adulterated purity of the moment. Moment to/by moment of that Love, is where the living in love becomes the purified. Open the Lotus and follow each petal to the Source of Oneness.


09 20 19 3:33 Spirit of Goodness

Propensity to admire oneself within the Spirit of Goodnessis a good quality that has two sides to the sword. To walk in Goodness and Light is the oneness; we all seek. But to add/mire by reflecting in thoughts, how wonderful your own goodness is; is not the same intent, as to wonder over how wonderful your deeds and goodness is/are OH Lord my God. Self-serving thoughts are the limiting factor; Godly serving thoughts the limitless serving factor. Sharp is the sword that separates that thought and where/how the difference is viewed at the moment the thought is made. Such is the example going forward where/when the mind makes gestures towards wanting to be an instrument for the Greater Good, and being that instrument where knowledge is part and feel of where the Goodness lives. 

Being; is of the essence of the new Life. Walking in the Goodness; is the key where/when accepted and Lived; is wearing the Glove of Oneness. The Glove or the harness of Righteousness worn and felt by the individual may not be admired to a point of fault, But worn and worked with, within the Spirit of the Christ. Openly felt by/with a glowing heart. Openly shared in the Entrainment of these energies to lift others to the feel within the Oneness being shared.

Gratitude being expressed in the sensation is the proper element of sensation needed and the most proper to be reflected in the Spirit of the Christ.

When gratitude is within, it shines without or in the space and area without. A Gratitude for the Love and to life within; that Life of Love. To live is to share the Love. The gratitude is the element that spreads to others and registers in their field of energies. Gratitude is the open ingratiation where oneness of Love is for the giving and taking, sharing the entrainment of the energies of that moment of Being. 

Being in the Love, Being in Love and Living the Love of Being Love…. In the sharing openly to all who approach does one in turn serve the Love in those who are drawn to be filled, Knowingly and/or unknowingly.

Just live the Love, Be the Love, Be that Light in the Fire of Love.


09 18 19 12:20 

For Profound knowledge to happen within a person’s experience in life, connection, belief, service to the Greater Good all must align within the sphere of truth, love and Grace. Direction of the heart and mind must have/be in that direction of the Pure Ideal of the soul. Oneness opens the channel, where appropriate, for that entity deserving of that opening of the mysteries.

Higher Information and connection to higher thoughts comes from a process by which steps are provided and accepted from the entity without reservation when the appropriate time and knowledge/practice is acquired and demonstration able is the talent upon call/or demand at any time or in any situation thus presentable. For trust and faith play key factors when the situation occurs or presents itself whereby the results need to be proven/demonstratable.

Profound knowledge, or the tapping into, is for those refined in their thinking/thoughts regarding self-esteem or self-praising or the self-courage to remain contrite/benign/humble for the Powers of Profound knowledge can become mis-leading to those in a way that would produce the opposite effect of the desired result within the gifted entity who has thus the acquired skill.

Misuse of the gift of mysteries is never advisable, only the use for the Greater Good is wished and so sought are those entities whose steadfast ideals and proven courage are thus able and are appropriate to receive these gifts.

Learn well the lessons where the mind and heart work in unison in the oneness of love and Light, where the negative never enters the thoughts or acts in the performing of the acquiring of the information to be provided. This information to be presented in love for the helping of those individuals or groups asking/seeking enlightenment for the correct/appropriate reasons, must be for the benefit of the entities or thus of mankind.

When Information is released, energies are released, thoughts and actions are produced, results need to be directed in the presentation offering suggestions relative to the betterment of the entity, group or mankind in general. Suggestions leading those who receive to direct the knowledge towards the Greater Good. This can be initiated verbally, through thoughts, within gestures, as per examples through parables showing clear intent to the receivers of the usage of the intended information and associated energies. Once released with instruction of good and positive intent, release then the positive intent with its package, for then the choice of those receiving may not be brought back to the giver of the information. Release/let go/disassociate yourself. Yours is to be the messenger for those who ask/seek.

Be the unattached observer.

19 07 29 

The Path is Won, Thank You for Being Here.

Words are given according to practicality and receptivity of the Host. The transfer of information to be shared, as all people who will be reached, are those selected to hear and understand these words. Taken at face value for some who read as such; taken on other levels by those whose understanding is more developed. Not understood, or believed by others, by those who are just opening to the possibility of realization that information can come to them from a Higher Source…… directly.

The direction of this material is to be a guide towards Oneness with the Creator. Life offers a multitude of directions and choices of how the Path may/can be won. However, this is to streamline the process and take the guess work out of the experience, some appreciate not having to guess all the time. There will still be tests and many choices to choose from along the way. However, Free Will to follow, or not to follow, is always the choice of every minute. But when one opens to their own truth of the Love and Light present within themselves and in each person they meet, then the Path is won. 

The opportunity to Fail is always the best way given to learn the most. That point of ultimate devastation is where the greatest shift toward understanding happens, that there is an alternative to the choices that brought them to the point…. Turn Around…. Begin a new with a new perspective to a new beginning. Make a new choice, try adding Love and Light, and Positive feelings, and Hopeful Ways, and you will see that there are many confirmations to guide you. There are many signs if your eyes and ears are open, senses of smell and touch, taste, feelings, body tapping, motivations, impulses, intuition… all things just listed and more, indicate to you that things are on the right track. The right direction always has a feel to it… just follow…… follow…… follow. Step in the new direction of Love and Light and you shall find refuge and encouragement on our part. 

How do you want to use this material? For those whose eyes have found this…… use it with the full knowledge that comes to you and directs your steps. Take it however your intuition may guide you. Know that you have the power now to hear and write your own information if you just stop and listen. Ask and you will receive. Set up the connection in yourself with a contrite prayer, knowing Love and Light is just a thought away. The Path is Won, Thank You for Being Here…… Your Choice……In Light and Love…... 

19 07 23 2:36A.M.

What are the final steps towards Oneness?

The Heart of Purity, the Mind the same, The Body at a frequency reflective of the highest vibration.

The Path of constancy in thoughtfulness of Belief and Faith that all things are possible when walking in Oneness. As in Peter on the Water,

Openness to the Light & Love vibration, which directs your Heart, Mind and Soul.

Your Body Becomes the vehicle (WAY) through which entrainment passes. The Presence of Oneness operates the organ systems to produce the needed energies therein, which makes/moves vibrations from within to the with-outside the Body. The Body, When the inside is as the outside, becomes The WAY, the means of entrainment to others. The Polarity from which Oneness moves from One to another whose Polarity is/may be Affected, Knowingly or Unknowingly. Subtle shifts of vibrations, as in the one of the Robe who Believed, her Faith by touching, brought into entrainment the Purity of her organs through the Oneness of the Christed One.

Open Your Heart

Open Your Mind

Ask with a Glowing Heart.

For the Love of the Christed One, to be thou acceptable, Acceptable as/to/be One in the Chamber and BE of the Oneness with the Lord God of All Creation.

Entrainment of/to the Christed One within the vessel of THE WAY within the vibration of the Oneness provided by the Lord of Love and


BE thou One in the Spirit

BE thou One in the Lord

Be thou One in the Unity

Be thou Unity Restored.

And together in Love may

Thus Humanity be Restored

And they’ll know You 

Are Christed by our Love,

By our LOVE, Yes they’ll 

Know WE are Christed 


And/of Light….. Amen Amon

07 12 18 8:58 AM What is Entrainment?

Where Oneness resides…. Between those of mankind, and in harmony with nature and animal world, in accordance with spiritual world aspects which may be allowed to influence humanity at the appropriate times according to the Will of Oneness.

Connection to the Mind-of-God in relation to the Greater Good of Humanity within the sharing of the Light Vibration to uplift and influence all that is around and be influenced by all that is around for the greater connection to/of the Greater Good.

In walking within entrainment for the Greater Good is like that of a magnet recalibrating the Polarity of the world and people around you. Love is the highest vibration Polarity. When walking in the Love Polarity one walks within the Oneness of God.

07 03 19 9:15 AM Road to the Heart

When contrite and filled with God-Spirit, center yourself on your God-Presence in the Heart. 

Breath in the Breath of God to nourish/invigorate the cells with higher frequency/vibrations allowing rejuvenation of the cells. 

The mind connection to this higher frequency adjusts. 

Placement of the thoughts into the Mind-of-God Supplication to be entered into the Heart-of-God Supplication and ...

Surrender all thoughts into the Mind-of-God Oneness  allow the vibrations of Oneness into each cell of the Heart to radiate outward and ...

cause to vibrate each 

connection/corresponding cell of the physical body and ...

connect the physical body to the Light Body in the Purpose of serving the ONE.



7:50 A.M.

For Matthew: What is the purpose of the White Light?

(After meeting and speaking with Matthew for 20 minutes one day, I asked him if he had a question that he would like to ask. When I heard his question I asked myself and him if I could ever even dare to question the purpose of the White Light? I told him this may take some time. I did some soul searching on this matter and two weeks went by before I was aroused out of my meditation to now write the following response.)

Where Love Lives there am I.

Where Light Reigns there am I.

The Light is the carrier of my will for all was created through Light and in Light lives the Love of the I AM, the creation of all that is seen in the Light and all that is unseen that the Light may expose. The Light of Love provides the fire of Faith in which the Grace of the I AM may be seen and experienced.

Happy are they who have not seen but are true believers within their heart, mind and soul.

The Light provides the Way upon which many souls travel to the Earth through the Light of Love and from the Earth through the Light of Mercy and Grace. For those who need the Light to believe, it shines for the Way to go/travel/become Part of the Oneness of the Light.

Each comes from the Light, all may return to the Light.


The Love in the Light am I. The Grace of Love can be seen in the Light. For all in the Light is Part of the Grace of Love, and the Fire of Love AM I.


To behold the Love in the Light exceeds all comprehension.

The purpose of the Light is to enable the choice to step toward or away from. Each entity has their own free will.

Oneness in the Light of Love


wait until the Light becomes inevitable.


01 26 19 

2:29 A.M.

How do we as humans let go and let God? How do we release and surrender to the step where Grace leads us forward?

Astride the complexities of Life we have multiple channels of opportunity where we are able to grow with God. Within ourselves we must clear and channel the love of/to humanity that will eventually become the basis of Love going forward. Whereas some choose not to look beyond themselves,... those that choose the greater step towards the Greater Good shall be rewarded/healed.

In the doing is the release into the greatest trust in Oneness.

How to achieve preparation is key... to set the mind where the Grace of Love and Light leads your foremost thoughts. To censure only to thoughts devoted to the Greater Good where the exponential factors of the Love & Light lead the steps and form the words going forward.

Health will abide in the way of Love and Light as it is a mitigating factor to doing the work... Energy flow within the body must be clear and unhampered.

Systems must balance the energy to be brought forward.

Step within the thought in the heart and the Way will open.

What needs to be said? What questions should be asked?

The Pure in heart and mind and the soul shall respond.  



Dear God What am I to accomplish?  What are the steps to be accomplished? How may I show others to follow?

(I approached this channeling in deeply felt devotional prayers focused on the forgiveness steps for all people and entities offended or injured by me in this life and previous lives. Following the steps of Ho’oponopono and moving the acceptance of the forgiving love in toward the heart spark with thoughts of magnification. Then sending that love with thanks into the earth, thankful for Mother earth and Mother Mary to accept, where it eventually bounced back to the body and was gratefully received and moved again into the heart for magnification and then offered up into the point of light where from all creation exploded with grateful thanks…)

Your words not mine Dear Lord,… 

Answer: Amen.

In the prayer the answer is formed. In the asking is the key to move forward, the words and intuition, intentions that are Honorably placed in supplication to the Oneness. The intent to aid Humanity raising vibrations and creating an openness for ideas and ideals to fill the void of opened and released holdings of past trauma both in this life and in past lives. In the releasing, space for Love and Light is openly created. Adhering to the vibration and colors of Light, to fill voids that have been opened from clearing/cleansing, is key.

Gold Light Purifies with white and violet as cleansers/healers. Supplication into the heart and magnification of intention into the sphere realms of Godliness, creates the space and room for the Heart-Wisdom. For the heart to be active, the mind does not understand the wisdom of the heart. The Love and open heart-wisdom fills the light vibrations into spheres of higher vibrations/degrees. Walk from mind into the heart. Then within the heart, the spark will call you nearer as a magnet attracts. Allow – give into the pull,… resist not. Continual thoughts of cleansing …. with Light and thought of sound vibrations/pitches, Invoke the path to be projected into the spark. Within the spark, magnifications are possible to expand the Spark of Love into the magnitude of Light of Love and Divine Joy.

Some experience the Joy of Love enhanced, others the initiation / ignition of the Mercaba energies. Many do not step toward the magnification of the fire of Love for their own reasons. All have the Potential of the encounter / activation to achieve Oneness. This is a potential way, one of many Paths. The Path to choose is the one that will work for that person.

The way is open for all who seek. Preparation is in the mind and heart, the pure soul awaits all those who in earnest thought, in Light of Love, fitness of Mind and Body to anchor the energies to come, with pure intent of Love for Humanity and Brothers and Sisters, and the connection to the Divine Purity of the Soul anchored within the Oneness of The Light of Creation of Thought of Word of Deed of Purity of Love.




Here am I Lord… how shall I serve?

In the doing of your deeds open to the Light…Surround those that come to you in the Light.

Expect that those who draw near, are in need. Be of Good Cheer. Words are not always needed. Proximity is key. Hold the Attitude of Gratitude in your heart for those/all who come near. Their needs will be met within the presence of the Light. Vibrations will be raised while in the proximity. Joy and clearness of their path will become evident to them.

Your Joy is in the sharing of the Light to all who draw near. Their joy may be immediately recognizable or will become evident after they withdraw from the vibrations. Seek not the people, time or place, … it will be provided to you, sometimes knowingly,… sometimes without knowledge. Therefore, always remain in the heart with gratitude in the light with good cheer.

You serve in the doing and being Soulfully Mindful of the Grace and Light of the Love within, being cast outward in the radiance of Light to those who, knowingly or not knowingly, may seek you out, or may be drawn to you by chance.

Be always of Good Cheer, the light shines in/through the Grace of God for those who seek and walk in his ways. The Path is known, the joy is in the doing.



5:15 a.m.

Spiritual Oneness calls to all those seeking to obtain higher vibrations. The process is known up to the point of application. The juncture of surrender is thus the point of application where the purification in/of the fire of love resides. 

Fill my heart with your love, oh Lord of Hosts! 

To open and receive this magnitude of blessings is not for the faint hearted. Soul searching is included in the process. The connection to the living soul, the reconnection and acceptance of the purity of the soul and its learning process to connect to the sphere of the earth, is a stretch for both to meet in the middle. That everyone has this purity of soul compared to the concepts of the mental mind of earth, to walk in the way of the heart is to reach for this purity. To feel the fire of love in the heart without the mind in the way, to follow the direction of fire/love/passion is for all to understand this connection to the soul purity. Not that the soul shall be contaminated through the earth connection … but that the earth shall be charged with the fire to/of love and celestial happiness, on a scale that is here-to-for unknown. 

Open my heart

Open my mind

Open my soul

Open Love

Open Light

Open Oneness

Envelope all … enter, oh God. 

Oh Come, Emmanuel

O come, O come, Emmnuel

And ransom captive Israel

That mourns in lonely exile here 

Until the Son of God appears

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel

O come, O come, Thou Lord of might
Who to Thy tribes, on Sinai's height
In ancient times didst give the law 

In cloud, and majesty and awe

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel

O come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free
Thine own from Satan's tyranny
From depths of hell Thy people save
And give them victory o'er the grave

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel

For then comes the new Jerusalem. The new city shall be beheld.

AND Love and Light shall dwell among us and we shall walk in the Lord our God for the propagation of the Lord of Host, to enter and dwell in this earth plane.



7/18/18 4:44am

God, what will you have me do?

For there is a river the undulating Light of Love Possesses all souls… 

Remembrance is encompassed therein. Be my/mine in heart & spirit live in light, be the light, be the beacon upon which those of the earth will feel and understand the/your light. Be the love in which human kind will understand and shift their minds to a higher vibration, where humanity will be at peace and live in peace and harmony for the Glory of Love within them to shine. Forgiveness and Mercy must abide in all of those who seek the Greater Good. Living in love for one and all must be granted by the individual to themselves in their own hearts. Compassion for one and all must be realized for each soul on their own journey.

Join in the heart and work The Work. Be the example, be the light, heal the hearts of Man by being the beacon of the eternal light of love and happiness. Let this river flow from heart to heart. Let the light in your eye be a reflection in the eye of thy brother. Behold the light of lights in your heart and walk in the ways that be granted unto you. 

Enter into the Light of Lights and the love of Love. Oneness approaches, grant yourself this privilege of the way, walk into the living waters submerge yourself into the surrender of love. Do for those who follow. Be the Blessing of the Light. Be the Love of/in Mercy.

Dearest Lord God of All Creation

Unto the Lord of Hosts I thus Open my heart I grant myself into the position of his love and his protection as I open to all things that are of heaven to work the works needed here on earth. My eyes are his eyes, my ears are his ears, my tongue is for his words, my hands to do his works, I grant my body to be his instrument of Peace and Love for the purpose of light to Shine into the hearts of all in need.  I give you, my Lord and Savior, my all. I thank you for all the Blessings I am to give. 

Robert Lucien Demers




The light you seek in inward the balance of the heart, mind and soul. The heart must be trusted and open for all who will be therefore touched by it… past is past, future is now open for your thoughts are genuine. The soul yearns for oneness the heart must now blossom into the light and fire of love and live in this light & breath for this example is needed. Beware and make the path for others to follow. 

What is the path?

Search and you shall find, knock and the door will open. Surrender into the light of lights. Harmony of thoughts, words, deeds, attitude of prayerfull thankfulness. 

Love for all things and people…Respect for all people and things

Understand the least is greater than the greatest for the smallest gesture in not knowing is greater than the grandest gesture of those who know and understand. 

How do I proceed?

In the doing of service to those who have no idea or direction. Let those who know, find their way… find those whose lives have no or little direction. Open their eyes to enlightenment

For those who have heard but are still in their pursuit, Encouragement and direction must be shown. 

I am the vine you are the branches, Prune the dead and give thus into new fertile soil, Water with the words of joy and love. Theirs is a new beginning for there is life and hope in words of encouragement. 

The example, what is shown, your light must shine bright in their eyes. Your fire of passion and caring love will kindle and light the new fire within their hearts. Find your words your vibrations are being felt. 

The fields are vast with wheat & chaff the workers are few.

Prepare your heart for the light to come will turn your world again but this time It will not be recognizable to the prior worlds you have lived in…

Walk in the way of Love

Be Oneness

I am the future of Love, I am Peace, 

I am Joy, I am Oneness


11/26/17   11:56 p.m.

The reflections of time along the Path where you have trod has given a picture of persistence in the direction of light. Where you remain to wander is choice. Direction is open & clear of obstacles. Want of direction is not necessary for the path is written, the steps are noted, the path unsure but the impetus moves you in the right direction. People and things appear where there were none. The learning is in the doing. Just try and you’ve won the step. Open to try and trust the result. The thought is the process to assist in the correct direction. Given the proper context of love and light opens all into the realm of Godliness.

Through the Godliness vibrations things come and things fall away as those who cannot keep the vibrations will be either moved toward or repelled from according to their belief and understanding.


How to master the steps put before you, comes through the enlightenment of your heart. Your brain thinks, but your heart feels. Your heart’s desire has always created your path. Your heart’s desires will move your future goals and dreams into fruition. Open your heart as now the fire of oneness approaches. Give into full trust of your Lord and it will so be given unto you. 

Rejoice for the time is at hand Your willingness is the choice. Your open heart is the fertile ground for the seed to be grown. It is a gentle and nurturing process. But a minute here, however a long and gentle process there. The happiness of the moment, a long and consistent happiness that you can embrace and be sustained by. A happiness to be shared where the exponential factor resonates in self and those affected. Enter from the mind into the heart. From thought into joy of Love. Work from love, enable love to all, shower love upon all, give thanks for all and all is within love.



11/25/17     4:23 a.m.

What do I need to know to help humanity along it’s path?

You can’t turn the light out, keep it shining. Whenever/wherever things are complicated keep to the track of love and light. Proceed to give instructions to those who hear, one on one. Find your words in their presence by their problems/challenges. Spirit will be your word for their help comes from your openness to assemble these words. Your words of spirit will raise their thoughts and eventually their vibrations into a better vibration. As this continues, your openness to spirit will attract like minds and thoughts that will lead the masses. Intuition, thoughts, and words are your tools moving forward. As you have grown over the years in faith, hope and love. Your openness to spirit has increased your following spirit has been demonstrated. Give more time to writing in this way, for the words on paper may be more evidence of your connection. We will provide your attempts with proper direction giving you the confirmations needed along your path. We will adjust and maintain your health according to what you need. Call upon us as you have and we are with your spirit in thoughts, words and deeds.

Humanity, humanity, humanity… whatever will become of humanity? According to the laws of free will… It will be, as the will desires. Your words may be heard by those whose ears are ready to process the information. However not all are ready to do so. The right ones will seek and find those who have higher vibrations as they are ready to proceed. No one will hear your words until their time is at hand. Give of yourself freely in all truth of time and space where vibrations set out, resound in the atmosphere. The air and space will shift and the right feeling will exist in the space you will enter into. Your presence will be felt by those who are ready to move/shift. You are the example when you are in your love zone.

Walking in truth and love for oneness and the light. Speak and your words will find their mark. Your path is there, it is evident to those around you, step and embrace the flow. The spirit awaits. Your time is at hand. Speak in the generalities to the masses, but direct to the individual who is seeking. Always in love, using words of love and light. Raise the best in those who seek. Words of hope for those who need. Words of love and encouragement for the downtrodden. Words of peace for those defiled. Words of contentment for those in uproar. Words of love and happiness to the children. Words of light to the elderly where God is love and oneness abounds, Keep Oneness as a mantra, for all is one. Everything is love one of its aspects can be found in the darkest corner of hate. For at one extreme the shift in the other direction is inevitable. And when one shifts from hate and chooses to move in the direction of love… love will be brought forth from love. 

Humanity is choice or lack thereof. 


Channeled for N



Inspired by the song “Walking in Memphis”….   

While walking forward and consulting with good people in high places, know that they are on your side to aid you in times of trouble. It is a joyous walk above the Earth. On the plane it transitions to ....cloudy....airy.   

Out of the willingness to help, even when your own strength seems gone. There will be people to give you what you need in the time you need it.   

Friends help by giving you what you need, when you need it : it is confirmation of what you hear, telling you that all is well. Everything is on track.   

God provides for those who aid His ordained plans. God is on your side when you stand in the power of God, your Savior. Follow your intuition, feel the burn for your cause. God feeds your emotions to work His plan. There will be continued confirmation to help you on your way.    

Keep your eyes on what you are fighting for. God is your driver. He provides the Way with confirmation / people/ things / words to help you (overheard or direct.) There will be people who help you find the right vibrations to keep you moving in your process, walking in the words and promises and in the direction of Love for your God for His purposes and work on this Earth.   

It is then your words become the channeled speech of God, your Savior, for His will be done.   

God protects those whose purpose is His will.   


Channeled for C______ 

by Rev. Robert Lucien Demers   1.28.2017

What does C______ need to know? 

In the days of youth, I was there. 

In the days of joy, I was there. 

In your time of need, I was there. 

In your prayers, I was there.

When you gave up, I was there.

When you walked away, I was there.

When you needed sustenance, I was there, 

The bread of Life, I was there, 

The light of Life, I AM THERE.

Where you turned, I was there.

When you crawled, I was there. 

When you couldn't get up, I was there. 

When you cursed, I was there. 

When you gazed to the stars with amazement, I was there. 

When you looked at the flowers with love, I was there.

In the clouds, I was there.

In the blue, I was there. 

In the sun, I was there. 

In the rain, I was there. 

In the bugs, I was there. 

In the sounds of the birds, crickets, winds, trees, I was there.

In all your hard times, I was there. 

And when you turned and gave up, I was there. 

When you finally gave in, I was listening. 

And what you promised, I was listening.

Where you go, I go. 

What you do, I do. 

What you say, I say. 

What you think, I think. 

What you eat, I eat. 

What you drink, I drink. 

What you breathe, I breathe. 

What you sing, I sing. 

When you dance, I dance.

When you run, I run

What you see, I see. 

What you taste, I tasted. 

What you feel, I feel. 

When you find joy, I am there.

When you feel love, I am there.

When you give of yourself, 

I am in your giving. I am in your kind words you think, say and I am in the kindness you will do. 

I am Love, therefore, you are loved. 

I am Compassion, therefore you know what compassion is.

I am Mercy, therefore you know what mercy is. 

I am Grace.  When you see my face in all those around you.

I am the mind, the heart, the soul.    

When you walk in My step, you follow the love, you feel the compassion, you deliver mercy, you shed your love for those around you.

Help guide them into My Step, My Compassion, My Mercy, My Grace, My Love, for you know now all of these and your time is NOW. 

Where you go, I go. 

What you do, I do. 

You are My hands, My eyes, My touch, My healing words.

Love...and Love...and Love

Do not limit yourself, for I am LIMITLESS... 

Let your mind be in me, for My mind is LIMITLESS. 

Let your thought be of My thoughts, for they are LIMITLESS... 

Let your heart be in me, for My heart is LIMITLESS...

Let your Love be in me, for My love is LIMITLESS... 

Let your Light shine in me, for My Light is LIMITLESS... 

      and if you so choose,.... 

                                 ….we will be a LIMITLESS ONE!